Grief Counseling

The death of a loved one, whether expected or unexpected, is one of the most difficult events for anyone to experience. Every death creates a pain that is unique and special to the person who survived. How does one take a breath when the pain of loss is so deep? How can one appreciate the morning sun or the bright blue sky when all they can feel is emptiness? A heart that is grieving maybe lost in feelings of loneliness, emptiness, denial, and anger and it cannot imagine loving the same way again. A life without their loved one can be unbearable to imagine and the memories that once filled the heart with love may become sources of pain that their loved one is missing. 

Grief Counseling is a tender and intimate process. There is no right or wrong way to grieve nor a specific time frame to follow when you are suffering the death of someone you love. J. William Worden created four tasks that assist people through the grief process. According to Worden, his four tasks encompass 1) Accepting the Reality of the Loss Grief; 2) to Understand and Process the Pain of Grief; 3) to Adjust to a Life and World Without Your Loved One; and 4) to Emotionally Relocate Your Loved One While Embarking on a New Life. 

Since the grieving process is unique to each person living it, the Counseling process is just as unique and must be tailored to each person. Beginning the journey to healing, although painful, can help someone start to turn denial into acceptance, confusion into clarity, chaos into order. The finality of death is the end of physical life, but it does not end the relationship you have with that person. Grief Counseling will help you to cultivate the past relationship while creating a new relationship without your loved one present with you.