Lisa Gonzalez, MA. (ABD)

Psychological Assistant # PSB94023370

Hi! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own therapist to talk to? Do you see yourself dealing with strong emotions that make it difficult for you to concentrate? Are you willing to make a change?

Lisa is here to help you create new changes in your life. Lisa is passionately interested in helping others make better versions of themselves. She has experience working with all age groups, especially young adults facing academic, professional, or relational struggles while balancing a personal life.  She has also worked with children and their families who have experienced trauma (e.g., domestic violence, abuse, and crisis). In addition, Lisa has experience working with adolescents facing various challenges (e.g., acculturation, social pressures, relationship issues, and family problems).

Lisa has worked in the areas of depression, anxiety, trauma, multicultural issues, relational issues, and spirituality. She is also fluent in Spanish and has experience conducting therapy in Spanish.



Phone: (323) 285-1241