Christie Turner, M.A. (ABD)

Psychological Assistant # PSB94023488

I am passionate about meeting my clients right where they are. Sometimes that means we are working in the heart of pain. Sometimes that means we are celebrating. It always means that are working toward healing. Together we will compassionately approach you, your relationship to yourself and others.

I have training and experience working with individual adults, Veterans, LBGTQIA identified people, groups and caregivers who have experiences with trauma, anxiety, depression and grief. Additionally, my dissertation was on resilience and self-efficacy in the face of ongoing trauma. My research aligns with my passion to work to empower my client’s sense of inner grit. I value working with the body as well as the mind, feelings as well as thoughts. I believe that an integrated experience of our whole selves creates the healing we desire.

I believe genuine authentic connection is essential in our work together. You are strong for showing up and seeking out support. We will navigate what’s going on together.

I am a Registered Psychological Assistant (No.PSB94023488) with the California Board of Psychology, Supervised by Antoinette Brunasso, Psy.D., and am completing the final stages of my internship to earn my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary. 



PHONE: (626) 765-5972